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"Providing House Cleaning Services for More Than 8 Years!"

Apartments: Whether Big Or Small, We Clean Them All!

Who says an apartment or rental cannot be more than what you’ll get? We understand how hard it is to find your own place to settle in. Especially if you’ve just moved out from your old place and moved into a new apartment.

Worry no more as we’ve got you covered. We’ll get you settled in your new place by helping you transform your space into a comfy home away from home. It will become your own paradise or sanctuary.

With the help of Maid in Paradise and our professional and efficient cleaners, we’ll get your apartment having the look, smell, and feel of a warm atmosphere that’s always inviting. Welcome your friends, family, and colleagues with a warm smile and an apartment that’s squeaky clean with the help of Maid in Paradise!

Maid in Paradise will make sure that you’ll get the type of clean that you deserve. One that suits your needs and preferences. With our local house and apartment cleaning services, Your home will become your favorite place to hang out. Let your family live a healthy and comfortable life with the most trusted maid cleaning service.

We are available to transform and clean your apartment either one time, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Our services range from cleaning floors, kitchen sinks, countertops, and more. We serve Key Largo, Miami and other areas.

Available 7 days a week, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the services that we provide.

Every time we do the cleaning for you, we follow these principles to ensure that you’ll get the best quality of service that you deserve:

            • Cleanliness. Books, magazines, and newspapers will be straightened accordingly. We’ll ensure that your tabletops are clutter-free. So that you can have a place that’s not only beautiful but also one that you can be proud of.

            • Neatness. Every garbage in the bin will be emptied. Every nook and cranny will be dusted thoroughly. Cobwebs and all other types of dusts, including pet hair will be removed. You shall feel the essence of cleanliness when we’re done with your place.​

            • Orderly. Got kids? toys that are all over the place is no problem. We’ll get them organized and returned to their proper containers. Even if you’ve got your things scattered in the living room, we’ll handle them with care so that everything is in order.

            • Floors. For your floor-care needs, vacuuming and mopping are tasks that we can comfortably handle. We deep scrub, deodorize floors. We also remove spots on carpets. We thoroughly do our floor care to maximize the safety of the people in your home. WE ARE PROUD TO NOW OFFER RIG CLEANING SERVICES!!!

Maid in Paradise...

The best cleaning service to promote better health and foster happiness and prosperity.

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